Re: Mixed bag of comments on SVG 1.2

Jim Ley wrote:
> Robin Berjon <robin.berjon <at>> writes:
>>Would you care to explain why it is unlikely?
> Unlikely is perhaps overstating it, but it's an implementation detail
> which I wouldn't've used and don't seem to require it.  It's easier that 
> confusing people I'd've thought.

I find it clearer than the alternative which is to have an automagically 
created variable. It shows what it would look like if you had a callback.

>>Oh, and URNs make for ugly namespaces.
> and  is 
> neat? :-)

Only if you don't stick to RDF's fixation on fragments and W3C's 
systematic dating of URLs. is 
much better ;)

>>This could be useful, the downside being that some headers appear 
>>multiple times so you'd have to always return an Array which since there 
>>is no Array in the IDL, means we'd have to have an interface for 
>>URLHeaderList. Which in turn means you're probably happier writing your 
>>own wrapper :)
> Hmm, could you not just make the lookup return the last or something? the 
> lookup is just a convenience after all.

I guess so but I'd personally rather avoid having too many convenience 
methods in the DOM (if even any).

> The other question I forgot I had in this one is what happens with 30*'s  Are 
> they followed automagically, or does the client have to make the request anew?  
> (XMLHTTPRequest objects follow 30*'s)

This is something I've been meaning to give some thought to. Good HTTP 
libs will give you access to them, with an option to follow the 3XX or 
not. The reason for this is that a 3XX may have some side-effects such 
as setting a cookie which your lib may wish to pay attention to. The 
default could be to not follow though.

>>That's an excellent idea. It might perhaps in fact be extended to any 
>>File since it could contain metadata too. Access to it might not be 
>>interoperable between UAs, but it people are adequately warned of this 
>>we should be safe. Thoughts?
> Yep sounds good, I'd only encourage SVGMedia type ones as required though, 
> anything else is a bonus!

Well the metadata on SVGMedia content may still not be accessible to the 
UA in various cases so there isn't much difference between having it on 

Robin Berjon

Received on Tuesday, 2 March 2004 10:35:48 UTC