Re: SVG suggestions (geoinformation)

Hello Ravi!

 > Is it possible to maintain same size of text when the user zooms -in
 > and out.  These type of text are required for Legends(titles) on Maps.
 >  They need to be "where they are" in relation to screen even if the
 > user zooms in.

You can find here:
all you need.

There is an example for an "SVG Scrollbar". The Scrollbar is always at the
same position and has always the same size - identepent from the scrolling
and zooming.

I took this example to make this with the navigationarrea on my map. You
can view this at <> (Type "Akazien" in the field
top left, click on "suchen..." and wait a long time *g*). But I think this
is to big for an example. It is a very early version for my dissertation.




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Received on Friday, 23 July 2004 09:32:02 UTC