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>>>> No. Just make the CSS property refer to SVG elements by ID. Use 
>>>> something like "flow-shape: shape(#myshape, exclude(#cutout))".
>>>And we would use be able to use this in XHTML user agents?
>> Sure, at least those that support SVG too.
>So really it would be an SVG specific part of CSS - a sort of CSS SVG 
You could call it an CSS module describing shaped flows which happens to 
depend on SVG.

>> You could have non-CSS syntax to express the same thing.
>Right, that's what we've got... in the flowText proposals, I'm missing 
>something now.  so you're actually complaining that there isn't a CSS 
>representation of the current SVG flowText system - I'm sure people could 
>knock one up, I'm just not really sure of the value?
The SVG flowText system describes the flow shape *and* markup for 
describing various kinds of text and line properties and how they are 
flowed. It's the latter chunk that worries me; the part that describes 
the shape does not overlap anything in CSS and is quite simple anyway.

>>>Could you give an example of the syntax used to animate a flow-shape 
>>>property in a CSS stylesheet?
>> Use the CSS property I mentioned above, and then animate the SVG element 
>> however you wish.
>So you couldn't animate which element described the flowText was contained 
You mean you want to be able to set the flow-shape to several different 
shapes in turn? I think that's fairly low on the use-case list but it's 
still easy, just use the existing DOM features for manipulating styles: = "shape(#myshape2)";

You can't do this in SVG 1.2 anyway without using the DOM.


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