James Bentley wrote:
> Is SMIL dead? It seems that SVG could be enhanced by SMIL - perhaps
> solving some of the problems that have been currently discussed.

SMIL is not dead, in fact the W3C has just restarted it as an activity.

You'll notice that SVG uses SMIL quite extensively. SVG 1.2 is adding 
support for even more SMIL. It's alive and kicking and we're using it.

> One idea to borrow from SMIL would be access to element attributes.
> This would enable alignment such as this (to borrow a previously discussed
> example):
> <text x="10%" y="10%">The <tspan id="cat">cat</tspan> sat on the <tspan
> id="mat">mat</tspan>.</text>
> <image x="cat.x" xlink:href="cat.jpg"/>
> <image x="mat.x" xlink:href="mat.jpg"/>

I'm not sure that's the best syntax, but it's an option to consider for 
constrained SVG. That being said, constrained SVG is not considered for 1.2.

Robin Berjon

Received on Friday, 9 July 2004 11:31:08 UTC