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>> Thomas DeWeese wrote:
>>>    Or looking at it the other way. Using XHTML/CSS I would have to
>>> convert/copy all my flow geometry (which I am probably already
>>> drawing) into CSS syntax.  I will lose the ability to use things like
>>> the path transformers or anything else that the XHTML/CSS WG saw fit
>>> not to duplicate.
>> No. Just make the CSS property refer to SVG elements by ID. Use something 
>> like "flow-shape: shape(#myshape, exclude(#cutout))".
>And we would use be able to use this in XHTML user agents?
Sure, at least those that support SVG too.

>Also you're now requiring SVG user agents to have a CSS engine (something 
>that is not required previously and not something that the majority of SVG 
>user agents have.)
You could have non-CSS syntax to express the same thing.

>I do not think this is a good idea, most particularly 
>because it's generally been shown by that implementation experience that 
>subseting specifications is not a good thing (so you either need to bring in 
>all of the spec or nothing, or it confuses peoples expectations) and that 
>styling a styling language causes further confusions in users as well as 
>implementation difficulties.
Actually I agree that subsetting CSS (and XHTML) for use in SVG is far 
from ideal, but what are the alternatives? Have WG members, authors and 
implementors respecify, relearn, and reimplent the overlapping concepts 
from scratch? Or figure out a way to reuse the design and implementation 
but change the syntax so that developers don't get high expectations? 
How many developers will say "oh, since I can use CSS properties X and 
Y, why can't I use property Z" vs how many will just say "oh, why do I 
have to learn all this new stuff"?

>>>    How do I animate the regions or the text in the regions?
>> Solved by the above?
>Could you give an example of the syntax used to animate a flow-shape 
>property in a CSS stylesheet?
Use the CSS property I mentioned above, and then animate the SVG element 
however you wish.


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