Re: Comments on SVG 1.2 from a Gecko developer

"Robert O'Callahan" <> wrote in message
> Thomas DeWeese wrote:
>>    Or looking at it the other way. Using XHTML/CSS I would have to
>> convert/copy all my flow geometry (which I am probably already
>> drawing) into CSS syntax.  I will lose the ability to use things like
>> the path transformers or anything else that the XHTML/CSS WG saw fit
>> not to duplicate.
> No. Just make the CSS property refer to SVG elements by ID. Use something 
> like "flow-shape: shape(#myshape, exclude(#cutout))".

And we would use be able to use this in XHTML user agents?

Also you're now requiring SVG user agents to have a CSS engine (something 
that is not required previously and not something that the majority of SVG 
user agents have.)  I do not think this is a good idea, most particularly 
because it's generally been shown by that implementation experience that 
subseting specifications is not a good thing (so you either need to bring in 
all of the spec or nothing, or it confuses peoples expectations) and that 
styling a styling language causes further confusions in users as well as 
implementation difficulties.

I'd encourage the SVG WG not to subset CSS further and either import 
everything (which I do not beleive is possible since the rendering models 
are different) or to not add and potentially even look at deprecating the 
existing CSS properties.  Moving to just an sXBL/SVG rendering for the 
layout in the future.    This will need different syntax for the strengths 
of CSS without an analog in SVG, so it's not directly deprecatable, but I 
think we we either need proper unification of .CSS and SVG (which I don't 
believe is possible) or more distinct seperation to avoid the "SVG profile 
of CSS" problems.

>>    How do I animate the regions or the text in the regions?
> Solved by the above?

Could you give an example of the syntax used to animate a flow-shape 
property in a CSS stylesheet?


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