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RE: Grid In 1.2?

From: Chris Peto <svgdev@resource-solutions.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 10:33:39 +0200
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I could use this too, but I think we are mixing two many things together
here.  SVG is vector graphics on top of this should be a higher level
that then uses the vector graphics to make things like forms.  The
viewers are already too big and we need to start separating application
from graphics to create a smaller footprint.  If you want more then
there can be a separate module on top of SVG.

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Doug Schepers:
> There has been much talk in the comunity about the need for some sort 
> of table or grid layout mechanism in SVG. FlowText is great, and I 
> think that allowing images in it will be a fascinating feature, but I 
> don't think that it alone will satisfy most authors' needs for a 
> relative layout system.

+1 grids

A simple example of where a grid would be useful is a simple form layout
with text labels and text entry boxes, like this:
  E-mail:   |_____________|
  Password: |_____________|

You want the text entry boxes (assume they are just rects for
simplicity) to have the same x coordinates.  This x coordinate should be
just to the right of the widest text label.  You also want each label to
be centered vertically with respect to its text field.

I can imagine grid cells working as flow regions.

  <grid vertical-align="middle">
            <rect width="20em" height="1.5em"/>
          <rect width="20em" height="1.5em"/>

(Maybe some of those flow* elements are redundant; I haven't looked at
them closely enough to know which ones are required and which ones can
directly contain content.)

I don't see any real impediment to using an HTML-style algorithm for
cell width determination.


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