The W3C note "Accessibility Features of SVG" and especially the way how RDF
was used to describe the (graphical) objects of a network diagram consisting
of a hub, cables and computers was very interesting.

In the example the objects like the hub had svg/xml id attribute as
identifier like:
  <g id="hub" transform="translate(180 200)">
    <image width="600" height="450" xlink:href="hub.svg"/>
That was described in RDF like: <rdf:Description about="#hub">

I'm working in a project where we are implementing an application that
visualizes certain type of subjects that have URIs (described in RDF) as
nodes and certain types of relationships between the subjects as links (a
bit like Foafnaut does with foaf).

So the actual question is how should we make reference (for example) from a
SVG group (<g>) representing a person to the URI of the person that group
presents?'s article "Make Your XML RDF-Friendly"
( said that it isn't
anyway forbidden to use rdf:ID attribute in content other that RDF, so can
also the rdf:about attribute be used in SVG content to declare the subject a
certain element or group represents? Can graphical elements be mapped to RDF
descriptions that way?

All comments are highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Kalle Kilpi
BL Business Logics Oy

Received on Wednesday, 7 July 2004 14:50:40 UTC