Re: Grid In 1.2?

Doug Schepers wrote:
> I've had conversations with several people about this issue, and we have
> some fairly simple proposals for mechanisms. The most basic uses syntax much
> like HTML tables, and even something like that, familiar to many authors,
> would suffice for now. Other people suggested the Grid Bag Layout of Java.
> If you are interested in further thoughts or alternate mechanisms, please
> let me know. 

Yes, there's interest, even inside the WG. What is difficult is that at 
some point we have to stop adding features and finish the spec!

> I know that it is late in the game for this to be included in SVG1.2, but I
> feel like it is a very serious issue that should be addressed.

By "very serious issue" are you saying that we might get Last Call 
comments telling us some parts of the spec aren't really useful unless 
you have grids or something like that?

Robin Berjon

Received on Monday, 5 July 2004 05:40:13 UTC