Re: Threading?

Although I do not believe that any standards actually document this, it is 
my understanding of the standard web page processing model is that you have 
single-threaded access to the DOM. Even with Microsoft's next-generation 
user interface system, XAML/Avalon, there is only one "user interface 
thread", even though you have have any number of other threads such as 
multiple threads talking to Indigo communications services. Similarly, in 
the standards-based world, my understanding is that you have 
single-threaded access to the DOM, but it is very possible to have other 
threads within your scripting engines, assuming the programming language 
supports threads; however, usually the extra threads need to access the 
main DOM thread one at a time.


At 08:00 AM 12/11/2004, Alexander Adam wrote:

>I got a quick question about the SVG 1.2 Implementation. Is it possible to
>have threads in scripts? This should be seriously considered, e.g. if you
>want to work with a lot of data in the background.
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