Re: SVG 1.2 Comment: vector effects

On Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Andreas Neumann wrote:
> > >
> > > As to the complexity of vector effects: yes, they might not be 
> > > trivial to implement, but they are certainly doable.
> > 
> > Everything is doable. See my .sig. That isn't really the point. We 
> > have to implement a bazillion specs and we have to do so in a tiny 
> > amount of space with a finite number of engineering and testing 
> > resources. It simply isn't feasible nor desirable to support redundant 
> > or rarely-used features.
> thats an argument that I can understand. But it should not prevent the 
> SVG WG to go further with their standardization efforts. I'd rather like 
> to see the browsers implement a SVG sub profile than nothing at all. 
> That subprofile could be SVG 1.2 basic or SVG 1.1. Or, if you like a 
> subprofile called "SVG static" defined by W3C to be used in a webbrowser 
> for static display of vector graphics. I could also live with a separate 
> "SVG application profile" that is only supported by Adobe/Batik or any 
> other full SVG UA and not by the average webbrowser.

Such guidance would definitely be useful; a "Web profile" of SVG, where 
full SVG is an exchange format used in the graphics industry, would solve 
several of my concerns. However, SVG would then have to be very clear that 
SVG full was _not_ intended to be implemented in Web browsers, and it 
would have to be clear that Web SVG would not slowly aquire the features 
of SVG Full over time.

> For the long run: you cannot deny that there is a demand for the web to 
> go towards rich client applications, where intelligence is moved from 
> the server to the client.

Naturally. That, though, has very little to do with vector graphics. 
XForms (and, if backwards compatibility is considered important, the 
WHATWG proposals) are addressing the need for rich client applications. 

SVG is a graphics format, part of the visual media presentation layer. It 
isn't appropriate to use media-specific languages for the content or logic 
layer of rich applications.

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