Re: CSS WG comments on SVG 1.2

On Tuesday 30 November 2004 00.15, you wrote:
>Kurt Cagle wrote:
>>   I would second Antoine's comment, and see it as a problem that's 
>> coming up more and more often as the CSS vocabularies expand. These are 
>> also likely to collide with areas such as XUL (consider that XUL has a 
>> tooltip attribute, and an overlay element).
>The XUL tooltip attribute doesn't have anything to do with CSS, and only 
applies to elements in the XUL namespace (being an attribute that's only 
defined for those elements). 
Yes, but  CSS applies to XUL like CSS applies to SVG... So CSS impacts all of 
our markups with its loose-cannon approach of not requiring a namespace of 
its own when being applied inside other peoples' namespaces.

I have just seen an example of this having previously happened during a talk 
at the SVG London Users Group, where I caught an odd-looking attribute, whose 
name came about when it had to be re-assigned due to a name collision with 
CSS. It was in one of XUL or XBL.

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