Re: utf-8

> * Sigurd Lerstad wrote:
> >> >In an XML file that says utf-8 in the xml declaration. There could be
> >> >byte characters later in the file. How should those be treated to
> >> >them to utf-16?
> >>
> >> Just like any other sequence. U+10000 is F0 90 80 80 in UTF-8 and
> >> D8 00 DC 00 or 00 D8 00 DC (depending on byte order) in UTF-16.
> >Okay, I feel stupid, I've purchased the utf-8 spec from iso, and they
> >explain how to convert from utf-8 to ucs4, I'm afraid we're talking past
> >another. My question is simply: How can 4 bytes be represented in 2
> >it can't be done. what am I missing?
> That UTF-16 does not mean two bytes per character. As I've said,
> characters above U+FFFF are represented using *four* bytes in UTF-16.

But the DOM always uses 2 bytes per character doesn't it? So how can 4 bytes
per character be represented by the DOM?

Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Wednesday, 10 September 2003 12:33:59 UTC