Re: svg with http paramter

On Wed 10 Sep 2003, Alfred Tsang wrote:
> Is it possible to pass a parameter to svg from http GET method?
> for example, http://localhost/somesvg.svg?foo=bar, how can I access 
> foo?

Here's some code which, included on your page, will create a new 
keyVals object which can be accessed either by index of 
(case-sensitive) key name.

if (/\?(.+)/.test(document.URL)){
	var keyVals=window.keyVals=RegExp.$1.split('&');
	for (var i=0,len=keyVals.length;i<len;i++){
		var pair=keyVals[i].split('=');
} else window.keyVals={};

//For example, with:
alert(keyVals[0]); // 'bar'
alert(keyVals.jimmy); // 'jammy'
alert(keyVals.objID+1); // '111'

Note that with the last, all values coming from the querystring are 
type string; to use them as numbers, you need to make them such, like:

alert(keyVals.objID*1 + 1); //12

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Received on Monday, 6 October 2003 14:12:58 UTC