Re: [SVG1.2] implementing XSLT (was: 6 XML Events Integration)

On Tue 2003-11-25 Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Tobias Reif:
> > XSLT 2 can be used without W3C XML Schema, and implementers won't
> > be required to implement WXS:
> >
> > "3.13 Importing Schema Components
> > Note:
> > The facilities described in this section are not available with a
> > basic XSLT processor. They require a schema-aware XSLT processor,
> > as described in 21 Conformance."
> I think though that XML Schema could be quite useful in specifying
> the structure and types of custom elements used in RCC, so I would
> be willing to burden the implementers with this down the road.  :-)

If the effort required to implement SVG is too high then the relevant
consequence is not that some developer is unhappy but that SVG won't
be implemented widely and completely.

I want to see SVG implemented in Free Software browsers, desktop
environments, and graphics (authoring) applications.

The burden is very high already: video, RCC, etc, and SVG 1.0 already
was 700 pages.

It's not specifically about WXS, I just wanted to point express my
general concern.



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