[SVG 1.2] 5.3 Tooltips

This suggestion is no better than the suggestion in the previous draft, but
now instead of problems with providing tooltips which aren't title's, I
realise I suggested the hint element, but in my normal incompetent
jibberings failed to get across the fact that hint was in addition to title,
so that hint was used if it existed, but title otherwise, so you could use
whichever was appropriate to the meaning of the tooltip.

I still believe the tooltip-ref suggestion is better though, it's just as
simple and has brevity advantages.  (Many hints and tooltips would be
repeated in mapping or graphing applications, graphing may also duplicate
the legend as a tooltip, so I believe the ability to reference text
elsewhere is important - repeating content is not helpful.)


Received on Wednesday, 19 November 2003 13:00:23 UTC