Re: SVG 1.2 WD comments: RCC+XSLT and others

On Mon 2003-11-17 Cameron McCormack wrote:
> Since XSLT does not specify a default namespace for elements
> referred to in an XPath expression (a snag I'm sure most people
> using XSLT will have been caught on) does this mean expressions will
> require lots of prefixes?

Check XSLT 2.0's

XSLT 2 might be finished soon enough to be considered for SVG 1.2, and
there are so many more advantages of XSLT 2 over XSLT 1 (there also
are some arguable aspects though) that I suggest to seriously consider

They just published last call versions of the main specs, see

The example in
specifies XSLT 1.1
which is an abandoned draft.
So the 1.1 in the line
  <xsl:stylesheet id="diamond" version="1.1"
should be changed to 1.0; or 2.0 in the future (XSLT 2.0 being a draft
that's being developed actively).

BTW, I think the example demonstrates a useful and interesting
concept, XSLT in SVG makes sense.


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