Re: [SVG1.2] 6 XML Events Integration

Jim Ley wrote:
> The authoring confusion is the same as people using setAttribute vs
> setAttributeNS, having non-namespace aware versions confuses people.

I agree! Death to non-namespaced anything! :) I just re-read section 4 
of the XML Events Rec, and it is 1) informative and 2) open to what DOM 
3 does, ie use namespaces, as any sensible person should. There's 
nothing there forbidding a spec that embed XML Events from having its 
own naming rules, and from there that those naming rules should follow 
what reason dictates and require that names follow the QName rules 
defined by XSLT (ie no prefix means not in a namespace, a prefix means 
in a namespace that must be declared).

I doubt that XML Events 1.1 (if it exists, which it should given the 
issues with 1.0) will go in a different direction anyway.


Received on Saturday, 15 November 2003 15:07:20 UTC