[SVG 1.2] 17.4 Window Interface


innerHeight/innerWidth - screen pixels, or CSS pixels?

alert/confirm/prompt - These have severe usability and accessibility
concerns, and I do not believe they should be included as specified - modal
synchronous messages are IMO not acceptable.  I feel very strongly about
this, I don't see the use case they answer either, as other parts of SVG 1.2
provide all the functionality they do, without the accessibility problems
they introduce.

getURL :  What does success mean - does a 404 that returns data report a
success or failure - is the 404 content body available - what about other
status codes - I don't see the value of success, remove it - Generally see
all my comments from last time, they still stand.


Received on Saturday, 15 November 2003 10:42:11 UTC