RCC Extension

As there’s an invitation of feedback, I’ll try to give one.
We’re currently exploring the possibilities to integrate RCC into an
authoring tool environment.
This is pretty hard as we must for example know which scripts to execute
and which not.
But there’s one big main problem: We need to know the attributes of an
element. I thought
on some metadata, something like:
  <elementDef name="progressbar">
        <property name=”x” type=”SVGCoord” description=”X-Coordinate”/>
        <property name=”color” type=”SVGColor” …/>
       …. Visual Appearance
I please you to carefully consider something like that. Without such a
runtime information,
it’ll be unimpossible to implement RCC really good into Authoring Tools.
On the other side,
this should be a requirement. So that when there’s no property defined,
you cannot use it
by this.self.getAttribute(“”) otherwise most authors would leave out the
model part and this
would result that a lot of RCC “components” would be incompatible to
authoring or re-use.
I think this is also very useful for the re-use if components by others.
mfG / Sincerely
Alexander Adam
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Received on Tuesday, 11 November 2003 10:51:46 UTC