[ISSUE] pointer-events and clip

Hi all,

    I have a specification clarification request.

    It was recently pointed out that Batik and ASV treat
pointer-events differently when clipping is performed.
So the basic question is are pointer-events subject to the
'clip' and 'clip-path' properties or not?

    In reading the interactivity chapter I could find no references
to the 'clip' or 'clip-path' properties it simply refers to the
"relevant graphical content".  Similarly in reading the clipping
sections I could find no references to pointer-events.  From this
lack I would assume that pointer events should not be clipped.

    Also given the existing ability to send events to hidden elements
it isn't clear to me that events should be clipped (in fact I have
written examples that make use of this lack of clipping in Batik).

Received on Thursday, 6 November 2003 17:26:37 UTC