Re: getComputedStyle / getOverrideStyle

> > After writing the results of the animations into the override style
> > declaration (the one returned by getOverrideStyle) Is the style
> > found in getComputedStyle modified to contain the new computed values
> The computed style always includes all styles applied to the element in
> question.

I know that getComputedStyle always includes all the computed properties of
the element, but if getComputedStyle also contains the result of the
animated properties, what's the point of getOverrideStyle? since
getOverrideStyle would just return the same property values that are in

The way I hope this works is that getComputedStyle contains the base values
of all the properties, and getOverrideStyle contains any animated property
values, but I need confirmation that this is how it works.


Sigurd Lerstad

Received on Thursday, 6 November 2003 12:29:02 UTC