SVG 1.2 meta feedback


(This message didn't seem to get sent with the other bunch, so I'm

Thank you for publishing the spec, many areas are very well specified and
are a considerable development from the previous draft, congratulations on
the extensive work the working group has obviously done since then.

On the explicitly requested feedback:

I find XML Schema pretty unreadable so would welcome alternatives, and don't
see the inline snippets clarifying anything in the specification, links to
the schema document (which as it's XML can presumably take xpointer fragment
links) would I'd've thought be sufficient and not overly clutter the spec.
This will also make maintenance easier ensuring there aren't discrepencies
I'd've thought.  (if you do include is there really any value in including
the xs:  to me that just increases the confusion of the snippets)

My initial readings of flowText and RAX are positive, but I've not read
these more detailed portions of the spec fully enough to have detailed
comments, unlike the other portions.



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