Re: has the SVG 1.0 DTD been edited? (xmlns:xlink on element svg)

Hello Tobias,

At 2:11 PM +0100 03.3.13, Tobias Reif wrote:
>In a previous version of the SVG 1.0 DTD,
>there was no attribute xmlns:xlink allowed or set on element svg, so I 
>allowed and set it in the internal subset.

This was an error on the version of DTD released with SVG 1.0 Recommendation
(4 Sepetember 2001).

>Now I replaced the DTD with a fresh download, and the error obviously 
>Has the DTD been fixed, or is there a thinking error on my side?

This has been fixed for the later revision of SVG 1.0 DTD. Please consult
section 5.1.2 of errata document for further information.


Jun Fujisawa

Received on Thursday, 13 March 2003 08:53:37 UTC