Re: presentational attributes

On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, 1:48:13 AM, Sigurd wrote:

SL> Hello,

SL> I'm implementing SVG and CSS.. And I'm about to implement
SL> presentational attributes and
SL> SVGStylable::getPresentationAttribute()

SL> Are the presentational attributes separate from the CSS properties
SL> on that element?

Depends what you mean.

SL> I mean, if you have

SL> <svg fill="#000000" style="fill:#ffffff">

SL> If you call element.getPresentationAttribute("fill") and you call
SL> Do you get two separate objects in return? or do you get the same object?

Separate, with different values.

SL> I understand the spec as two different objects, just want to make sure...

Returns the base (i.e., static) value of a given presentation
attribute as an object of type CSSValue

That will return a CSSValue with white (there is no canonical form
yet, though clearly rgb (100%, 100%, 100%) can express any of the other

getPropertyValue will, in the case of an implementation that
understands CSS, return a CSSValue most likely with the value black
unless there is a higher-specificity selector in a rule that sets it
to a different value. Which is possible, in CSS2, for example using
two id selectors, or an id and a class.


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