Re: SVG - links?

Thanks for this - I guess I will have to brush up on the use
of the "transform" - I assume the sample code you give below
can also work with metric units (mm or cm).  That is, one
can "translate" using something like:
Of course, the scale would work the same, regardless of the
units for the graphical element. 
Thanks again

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Thanks for this - yes, it does produce what I want, but misses
what I am trying to achieve.

I only want to create *one* <rect> 

You had three in your original code, so I assumed that was what you

and then be able to move 
*and* resize or recolor it as I need; otherwise there is little or
no point in having the <use> element at all, that I can see, and
the SVG agains becomes long-winded and harder to maintain.

Can you help with this approach

Something like this?

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 20010904//EN"
<svg width="600" height="400"
<desc>Local URI references within ancestor's 'defs' element.</desc>
  <linearGradient id="Gradient01">
   <stop offset="20%" stop-color="#39F" />
   <stop offset="90%" stop-color="#F3F" />
    <linearGradient id="Gradient02">
   <stop offset="20%" stop-color="#990066" />
   <stop offset="50%" stop-color="#CCCCCC" />
   <stop offset="90%" stop-color="#660099" />
  <rect id="rect1" x="-60" y="-20" width="120" height="40"  />
<!-- test xlink -->
<use xlink:href="#rect1" fill="url(#Gradient01)"
<use xlink:href="#rect1" fill="url(#Gradient01)"
transform="scale(0.33,1) translate(180,110) "  />
<use xlink:href="#rect1" y="2.2cm" fill="url(#Gradient02)"
transform="scale(1,4) translate(100, -25)" />
<!-- Show outline of canvas using 'rect' element -->
<rect x="0" y="0" width="598" height="398"
   fill="none" stroke="blue" stroke-width="1" />

or, failing that point me to

a reasonable description of the role and limits(?) of  the <use>

I don't know of a description of the <use> element that is complete and
"reasonable". Chapter 5.6 of the SVG 1.0 Recommendation certainly isn't
"reasonable" in terms of comprehensibility for many readers.

I have written a couple of short tutorials on the <use> element in
Designing SVG Web Graphics and in SVG Unleashed but those descriptions
are introductions to it, making no attempt to be exhaustive.

I hope that helps.

Andrew Watt


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