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"Sigurd Lerstad" <> wrote in message
> remove <image> and have a xlink:href on <foreignObject> that links to an
> external resource, or
> have <externalObject> in place of <image> and have <inlineObject> instead
> <foreignObject>
> This way, you first of all get closer to XHTML with the removal of <img>
> that <object> is always used instead, and you get a much clearer link
> between embedded/non-embedded objects, which should render the same way.

The problem with this is that a viewer knows that image is including an
image, with object type methods the type of the included content is not
known until the resource has been recieved (well the head) which I don't
think is very helpful, there's no way around this unless we make the type on
the object take priority over the HTTP content-type, which I definately do
not think is a good idea.

SVG is a final form graphics language, and including images is something we
want to do, XHTML is a document language which cares solely about semantics
and here content negotiation of included objects is to be encouraged so the
content type of the included object is less important to the document.


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