Re: Suggestions

Sigurd Lerstad wrote:

 > Okay.. I should say my opinions for SVG 1.2 before it's too late.. I'm
 > going to be quick.
 > 1.
 > remove <image>

I'm not sure if there are (m)any reasons to make SVG 1.0 

 > and have a xlink:href on <foreignObject> that links to
 > an external resource, or
 > have <externalObject> in place of <image> and have <inlineObject>
 > instead of <foreignObject>
 > This way, you first of all get closer to XHTML

*Why* would this be a good thing in this case?

 > with the removal of
 > <img> and that <object> is always used instead, and you get a much
 > clearer link between embedded/non-embedded objects, which should
 > render the same way.

I don't understand this.

[I commenting only on this one suggestion, which doesn't mean I agree 
with all the others.]



Received on Saturday, 25 January 2003 04:48:39 UTC