Request for 1.2 (2.0) ....consistent use of commas in XML attributes


Been a while :-) .....but I'm back :

Question:  Is there any reason for the inconsistent use of commas in attributes in the SVG Specification? 

basic data type states for list-of xxx: 

Unless explicitly described differently, lists within SVG's XML attributes can be either comma-separated, with optional white space before or after the comma, or white space-separated. 

Here is are  some examples of the issue: 

requiredFeatures = list-of-features
The value is a list of feature strings, with the individual values separated by white space.

tableValues = "(list of <number>s)"
When type="table", the list of <number>s v0,v1,, separated by white space and/or a comma, which define the
lookup table.

For 'animateMotion', the specified values for from, by, to and values consists of x, y coordinate pairs, with a
single comma and/or white space separating the x coordinate from the y coordinate. For example,
from="33,15" specifies an x coordinate value of 33 and a y coordinate value of 15.

Could someone let me know if  requiredFeatures can be separated by commas. If the answer is "yes it can be separated by commas", then the description of requiredFeatures is no correct because it explicitly describes how the list of features is separated. 

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Robert A. DiBlasi 
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Received on Friday, 24 January 2003 12:30:11 UTC