Re: [svg-developers] SVG & XForms - Current Status?

The SVG Working Group is actively working towards figuring out how to 
determine the integration strategy between SVG and XForms in the SVG 1.2 
timeframe. (Coordinating with the XForms group, of course.) There has been 
lots of discussion relative to this within the SVG working group. There is 
a high likelihood that the next draft of SVG 1.2 will have more content 
regarding SVG/XForms integration. I'm purposely being vague here. I'll 
leave it to Chris or Dean to provide any details they feel are appropriate 
for public mailing lists.

Regarding the upcoming closure on the XForms CR period, one problem is that 
the XForms working group did not want to hold up their progress while 
waiting for resolution of the many technical issues relating to SVG/XForms 
integration. I think it is reasonable for XForms to proceed. If every 
working group in the W3C were forced to wait on every other group, nothing 
would ever come to closure.

Jon Ferraiolo
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Member SVG Working Group

At 12:52 PM 1/23/2003 -0500, wrote:
>Shortly after the XForms CR appeared I, and others, enquired about the detail
>of how it is proposed that SVG and XForms should work together. At the time
>it was indicated that a working draft might appear around now, or shortly
>I would like to enquire again about progress on an SVG and XForms WD. Given
>that the XForms CR period ends in about 6 weeks time it seems to me to be a
>matter of urgency that the SVG community is given an adequate opportunity to
>comment on how SVG and XForms are to work together.
>It would be very undesirable for an SVG and XForms WD to appear at a time
>when the SVG community is effectively being presented with a fait accompli.
>Can Dean or Chris or some other representative of the SVG WG provide
>clarification on the current position?
>Andrew Watt
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