Re: High-Quality Dynamic SVG Viewer

On Monday, January 20, 2003, 11:48:49 AM, Tobias wrote:

TR> Jim Ley wrote:

>>>- [...] The answer is to create a temporary well-formed
>>>  version of the partial download (close all open tags, etc) and
>>>  then render. [...]

>> This is a sensible approach, and I fully support it.

TR> How should the app do "close all open tags, etc" for the following?
TR> (Real question :)

TR> <foo>
TR> <bar>

TR> to

TR> <foo>
TR> <bar>
TR> </bar>
TR> </foo>


TR> or

TR> <foo></foo>
TR> <bar></bar>

I don't see why it would ever do that, which involves rearranging the
document to make it not well formed ;-)


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