Re: SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile are W3C Recommendations.

"Chris Lilley" <>

> The W3C SVG Working Group is pleased to announce that SVG 1.1[1] and
> SVG Mobile Profiles: SVG Basic and SVG Tiny[2] are now W3C
> Recommendations. See the Press Release[3], Testimonials[4] and
> Frequently Asked Questions[5].
> [1]

It seems that at some point between PR and REC of SVG 1.1, my issue on the
High Peformance Dynamic SVG viewer ( ) fell into
limbo and was not formally addressed.  Can we have it addressed please?

Equally, how do I ensure in future that issues I raise are addressed, the
Process document makes it clear that the public can raise issues, but I do
not see any way to ensure they're acknowledged and addressed.  I would like
to suggest that issues lists are public, and every issue raised is
acknowledged in a public archive within a short time period.  This would've
allowed me to see that my issue had been missed by the Working Group, and
could've re-raised it to ensure it was addressed.

Equally the lack of a public mailing list for process issues makes
discussion of process issues difficult.


Jim Ley.

Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2003 16:54:26 UTC