Re: Scale Error's printing SVG

On Monday, February 10, 2003, 6:01:55 AM, Mark wrote:

MF> Greetings,

MF> I am haveing an issue with SVG and printing from IE.  For reletivley short
MF> SVG Graphs (1-2 pages in landscape)  it prints fine, however when these
MF> stretch out to more than 2 pages,  (approx 29-30" of SVG scale)  the Graph
MF> is being Scalled down in both X & Y dimmensions.  This is unacceptable as we
MF> require the Scale to print as specified in the Format.  (Specified in
MF> Inches)

MF> There is no "fit-to" or anything that I can see,  just straight printing of
MF> the Web page from within IE 5.5,   SVG Viewer 3.0
MF> The SVG is embeded within an larger HTML web page.

No, this fitting is being done on your behalf by IE. Its not in the
SVG spec that this should happen.

I assume that you are printing to a device with paper large enough to
accommodate the desired printout (or did you want it to be split into
pages for later assembly) and that you do not have 'shrink to fit'
checked in your print driver settings.

MF> Below is a Sample from the Top portion of an SVG file that has the problem.

MF> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
MF> -------
MF> <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>
MF> - <svg width="9.25in" height="29.3590551181102in"
MF> enableZoomAndPanControls="true">

Ok so that should print at 9.25 by 29.25etc inches. Assuming you have
a device that can do that, such as a continuous feed printer or a
long landscape paper feeder.


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