Re: First Draft of SVG Print Requirements Released

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> Greetings all,
> The SVG Working Group is pleased to announce the
> first release of the SVG Printing Requirements.
> It's worth reading if you are interested in using
> SVG in a print/publishing environment. We'd really
> like feedback on these requirements, so we've set
> up an email list specifically for such feedback.
> Even if you don't think this is completely relevant
> to you, the use cases described in the document
> are interesting.


Just a quick procedural/bureaucracy question.

In the "Status of this document" section ... which nobody else reads :) ... 
it says that the document will eventually be published as a W3C Note.

Typically, Requirements documents in the recent past are just left as Working 
Drafts. Is targetting a Note a new W3C standard procedure? Or an SVG WG 

Andrew Watt

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