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> Aac> what additional colour spaces might be added etc.
> Did you have any particular requests? Device CMYK, Color managed CMYK,
> LAB, Hexachrome, spot colors, metallics, varnishes?


In the context of svg-print I don't feel too anxious.

CMYK would likely be highest on my list, but I hadn't anticipated that you 
would overlook it. And you haven't.

I do fancy playing with LAB under programmatic control in SVG. It might let 
me move forward from tentative exploration to feeling I am in control (at 
least at times).

The reason I am copying this to www-svg is that my main request to the SVG WG 
currently would be that I would like to see more visible and timely 
coordination re SVG and XForms.

Within days of the XForms CR being released last Autumn several of us asked 
on www-svg about XForms and SVG. With no new SVG 1.2 WD yet released it seems 
there will be, at best, limited opportunity to comment on SVG and XForms 
before the XForms CR comment period closes in a couple of weeks.

In my view that is disappointing.

I think XForms and SVG have enormous potential synergy. It would be nice to 
have the opportunity to explore that potential synergy further before the 
XForms CR period closes.

Andrew Watt

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