RE: error while creating pdf using SVG

>>>>> "SK" == Sandesk Kamath <> writes:

SK> I am getting NoClassDefFoundError while generating the pdf using
SK> fop,batik which involves the image display using svg tags.It works
SK> fine in some machine and it doesnt works in other machines.It
SK> works good in all machines if i remove <BR>the svg code.<BR>please
SK> help me what setting i need to do in order to get the pdf.<BR>I am
SK> using jdk 1.3 and using JRUN servlet engine.<BR>Running in unix
SK> server (SunOS 5.8 ).<BR><BR>I got the following errors.<BR>{<BR>
SK> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError<BR> at
SK> java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)<BR> at
SK> java.lang.Class.forName(<BR> at
SK> java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment(<BR>
SK> at
SK> java.awt.image.BufferedImage.createGraphics(<BR>

    This looks like you don't have an X Windows Server set up.  I
suggest you check the archives of this list as this issue comes up
quite regularly (I think it last came up a week or two ago).

Received on Wednesday, 12 February 2003 09:47:06 UTC