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Hi there,

I am proud to announce that went online a few minutes ago. Head 
over to to see what this is all about. I am 
including the first post in this email:

February 12, 2003 - The First Coming

Here is the first entry of the first coming of This website 
will aim, across the coming months, at becoming a central place for the 
SVG community and for you to share your experience and expertise. Here 
you will find user journals, an SVG news page, SVG tutorials and 
articles. Better still, this will be your place to make happen!

On top of the upcoming features you will already find some beta testers 
here with their own blog. Soon enough you will be able to register 
automatically and start your own. Blogs here are meant to be informal 
journals for you to post about just anything you want: SVG experiments, 
how your day goes or what music you're listening to these days. This 
place will be as unique as the individuals that will make it. We have 
also moved the existing SVG Wiki here and you can already contribute to 
this already vital source of information.

Meanwhile, keep watching this space as we add more functionality to the 
website. Many thanks go to Raymond Aschheim for the usage of the domain. Thanks for listening,

Niklas Gustavsson and Antoine Quint

Antoine Quint <>
SVG Consultant & Research Engineer, Fuchsia Design
W3C SVG Working Group Invited Expert
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