Re: XML Events

"Sigurd Lerstad" <>
> > I've seen virtually no-one have the need to use it, other than where
> binding
> > to ActiveX Object events are concerned where it's the only defined
> >
> > > Anyone have any ideas?
> >
> > Stick with the current, widely implemented, well understood methods
> > the new technology has proved itself superior.
> >
> XML Events have a lot more advantages than just being able to attach
> handlers to the same event.
> It's supposed to be a general event system for all XML languages, be it
> XHTML/SVG or something else. It's more integrated with how the event
> works on the DOM level. And it allows separation of content and scripting.

We can already easily seperate content and scripting, indeed this does less
to seperate content and scripting than using addEventListener, since using
pure DOM2 methods we fully isolate scripting from the content, rather than
just mixing new XML elements into the mix.

My point was that it's unproven both in user acceptance, and in
implementation, and as there is already a well established alternative,
staying with that has a great many attractions.


Received on Thursday, 6 February 2003 08:25:00 UTC