Re: SVG1.2 and network sockets was: SVG1.2 and web applications

"Fred P." <> wrote in message
> I was more looking for an efficient solution,
> XML-RPC and SOAP support are good enough for me.

They are not good enough for a chat application!  you need to be able to
push data to clients, bandwidth costs are way too high with pull.

> Robin> protocols on top of it, would you be satisfied?
> That would be too low level for me at least =)

But if someone did it for you?  For me XML-RPC/SOAP is way too high level,
and comes with serious overhead that I have no interest in.  I'm currently
working on SMPP, which as an end result will draw pretty graphs, with
sockets in SVG, I could have my client in SVG, and not push data to it in
some other way.

> Robin> If it worked along the lines of "for each connection to a new
> Robin> address:port combination, prompt the user to accept the connection
> (with the
> Robin> option to accept connections to that address:port combination every
> time)" would
> Robin> it be a problem? Not secure enough? Too obtrusive?
> That would be a really awful way of dealing with the problem.

Do you have an alternative - using a server is not an appropriate solution,
SVG is not only delivered via HTTP, and HTTP is not a good protocol for a
huge number of use cases.

> Talking to a Server via SOAP/XML-RPC looks more natural.

That's http only, we need other protocols, http is useless for many things,
we need push.

> It would be also easier to have a real implementation on the SERVER
> in Java, Perl, Python, C/C++ or similar, than some primitive JavaScript.

There's no requirement that javascript be the only language available in an
svg viewer.


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