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Re: Hyperlinks in Status Bar?

From: Doug Schepers <doug@schepers.cc>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 17:21:38 -0400
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I agree with Jim, this is a UA issue; I'd like to see this feature myself,
since it conforms to behavior that people have come to expect. That being
said, there are ways to do it in ASV3 right now, using scripting.

1) Simply write to window.status on mousemove (mouseover doesn't persist
long enough, so you have to use mousemove, which continually refreshes the
message). I have an example here:
(this sample also changes the title bar, though oddly, not locally, only
when run from a server...)

2) Make your own status bar analog, which will show document state
information (say, on a bar running along the bottom of the image); some SVG
maps I've seen use this.

3) Reveal the information in a tooltip or context menu on mouseover or other
action; of course, you'd have to use script to do this, but there are many
tooltip/context-menu implementations out there (I have some myself). One
advantage to this approach that was pointed out at SVG Open was in reference
to an SVG CAD program, which presented multiple link URI options to the user
on rightclick --all the links relevant to the given object are shown on a
list, and the user selects whichever they like. This is particularly
relevant for complex XLink link types. Again, this might be a nice feature
to see in a UA, where the context menu does this automatically (maybe even
giving the option to open in the same or a new window)


"Jim Ley" wrote:
> "Damien Bezborodow" wrote in message
> > Hello,
> >    Are Hyperlinks displayed in the status bar with SVG?
> > For example, in (X)HTML if you hover over a link, the
> > hyperlink (be it a mailto:, javascript: or URI) is
> >subsequently displayed in the status bar so that
> >you can see where you are going. SWF doesn't do
> >this, and I find it a major annoyance and I hope that
> >the case is different for SVG. If possible, I think it
> >would be wise to make only URIs appear in the
> >status bar and have javascript orientated hyperlinks
> > hidden.
> That's purely a user agent issue, and I agree it would be a useful
> I think you should address your requests to Corel/Adobe etc. who are
> currently creating viewers.  The spec is right not to define a behaviour
> this.
> Jim.
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