Re: SVG 1.2 and SVG 2.0 - Use Cases Document

On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, 10:17:48 AM, AndrewWatt2001 wrote:

Aac> I would like to suggest that the WG consider producing an explicit, 
Aac> free-standing Use Cases document for SVG 1.2 and SVG 2.0.

This is a valuable and well articulated suggestion. Thank you. It will
be brought to the attention of the SVG WG.

Aac> Several points lead me to that suggestion.

Aac> 1. The WG is clearly looking to see how SVG can be better communicated. I 
Aac> think a Use Cases document can assist in improving communication of SVG to a 
Aac> wider audience.

Aac> 2. Anything but a non-trivial software project is likely to have Use Cases, 
Aac> however they may be elicited or recorded. So why shouldn't W3C 
Aac> specifications? Making use cases explicit helps to focus attention on the 
Aac> result being aimed for and which users benefit from what additional 
Aac> functionality. I see this as being different from a Requirements document 
Aac> which can tend to focus on technical solutions to, sometimes, poorly or 
Aac> inadequately expressed user needs.

Aac> The user is king. The user, ultimately, funds W3C through member company 
Aac> profits. If a spec doesn't meet real user needs, then I would suggest that it 
Aac> needs to be reviewed.

Aac> 3. A Use Cases document which expresses ... in terms relevant to users ... 
Aac> what SVG can do now, what it can't do (yet) and what it is hoped to do in SVG 
Aac> version x.x provides a logical, helpful way in for people not yet using SVG 
Aac> but who want to know what it can do without reading 800 pages of material. If 
Aac> the potential and capabilities of SVG can be succinctly expressed in a 
Aac> well-written Use Cases document, then a casual interest in SVG might become 
Aac> something much more active. I see a Use Cases document of that type as being 
Aac> an effective SVG evangelisation tool.

Aac> 4. I have watched many W3C specifications through assorted WDs etc to Rec 
Aac> status. My impression is that it is specifications without clearly expressed 
Aac> use case documents that are more problematic. I know that is a sweeping 
Aac> statement, but I am trying to convey impressions from having spent many, many 
Aac> hours reading W3C specifications and watching how they are communicated and 
Aac> how the technologies specified turn out.

Aac> I would like to see Use Cases documents adopted as a routine by W3C Working 
Aac> Groups. They are, in my view, potentially of signficant assistance to users 
Aac> and to WG members alike.

Aac> Andrew Watt


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