RE: [SVG] Experiment and proposal

> >> Text is just one very specific kind of scalable images.
> > No, words are words, they're very different from images, and very
> > importantly so, letters are just images certainly, but words and
> > sentances are not.
> Well, if letters are images,
> a set of letter is also a set of image
> and therefore, an image. =P

I just wanted to jump in here, briefly. Text is not an image, neither as
words nor letters. The glyphs used to represent the letters are. The crucial
difference that I believe Jim was conveying is that the glyphs are not
simply images, but have metadata intrinsically associated with them, which
are the letters, numbers, and other encoded symbols -- and thus can be
searched for programmatically, highlighted, copied and pasted, and evaluated
for informational content. This is a powerful feature of SVG, and is quite
unlike raster images or MM Flash, where "text" really is simply another

Text is no more an image in SVG than in a text editor.

I realize that this was not your central point, but I thought it stood


Received on Saturday, 19 April 2003 00:18:25 UTC