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I agree with both points, and specifically I ran into the
Same issue as you stated in problem number 1.

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Subject: Marker Behavior

I was wondering how people feel about marker behavior.

Let me start this topic rolling by stating that I'm not happy with the
way markers work right now.

I have two issues:

Problem #1:

As I understand things (documentation and empirical results) markers
inherit attributes from the <defs> part of the tree, rather than at the
point they're used. The consequence of this is that if you want an arrow
head to match the stroke attribute of the line its applied to, you need
a separate marker for each color line. This seems, well, dumb.  Am I
missing something?


Have markers inherit attributes from the line they're applied to.  If
you want to fix the attributes of a marker (essentially the current
behavior), then do that in the marker definition. But any attribute set
to "inherit" would use the current attribute of the line it's applied to
when it's rendered.

Problem #2:

Markers are oriented only one way. This means that you need two arrow
head definitions (potentially in a variety of colors -- see above): one
for the start and the other for the end of lines.


Add an attribute to markers that would allow them to automatically
orient themselves appropriately for use either at the start or end of
lines. Essentially this means that start markers should be automatically
rotated 180 degrees about their RefX and RefY.

So what do other people think? Does anyone else care?


Brian Cuthie
Systemix Software

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