Could the SVG standard include a value of "negative"or "complement" for 
the clip-rule attribute? Or perhaps allow something like this to be 
specified when the clipPath is being constructed?

This "negative" or "complement" specification would take a clipPath and 
perform a bitwise complement on it, thus, for instance, changing a 
clipPath that consists of a filled-circle into a rectangle the size of 
the viewport with a circular hole in it.

Currently, the only way to obtain such a clipPath is to use a 
complicated path-element that consists of a rectangle the size of the 
viewport with other shapes inside the rectangle as part of this same 
path.  A clip-rule of "oddeven" will then give the desired result.  This 
seems overly complicated.  The method described in the above paragraph 
would be much easier.


Harmon S. Nine

Received on Friday, 20 September 2002 10:44:38 UTC