Re: The 'image/svg+xml' Media Type

"David Woolley" <>
> From: Jim Ley []
> > Given that conformant dynamic SVG applications must implement
> > that being the same is not IMO sufficient.
> If conformance requires scripting support, I would say that there is no
> way that image/ is appropriate.

I'm not as dogmatic as that, but I do think it's a good reason to not
consider image/svg+xml "a given", when registration is attempted, this
may well address my concerns.  Other security concerns are what happens
when potentially dangerous content is included in a foriegnObject
element, - SVG needs to be considered as evil as the most evil thing that
can be included in a foriegn object.

> If compliance
> requires scripting, I'm unlikely to allow my browser to be fully
compliant most
> of the time  and some organisations are likely to make this corporate

SVG 1.0 only recomends viewers follow the in development UAAG 1.0  but
does note:
"Once the guidelines are completed, a future version of this
specification is likely to require conformance to the Priority 1
guidelines in Conforming SVG Viewers."

and toggle scripts is a (currently) P1 in UAAG, so lets hope that future
versions do have this requirement -  with both UAAG 1 and SVG 1.1 at CR
stage - is it something that could be addressed in SVG 1.1 ?

> Static, basic SVG might justify the use of image/svg.

I also think there would be something to be said to be able to do
content-negotiation with SVG clients based on whether they were Dynamic
or Static SVG Viewer, so such a distinction may well be a good thing.


Received on Wednesday, 19 June 2002 15:21:05 UTC