Batik 1.5beta3 release available


Batik 1.5beta3 is available! 

This release comes with a large number bug fixes, improved script 
support and improved security control. 

A detailed list of the new feautures and bug fixes can be found in the
change log at:

Note that we have given a name to the SVG Browser which comes with 
the Batik distribution: it is called Squiggle (this is how we call 
the three little red/green/blue scribbles on our logo). Squiggle
is an example of an SVG application built on top of the Batik toolkit.

The new build is available at:

1. Binary distribution:

2. Source distribution:

If you'd like to report bugs or request API changes/improvements, you
can either post to the developer list or enter a bug in Bugzilla under
the Batik project at:

Vincent Hardy, for the Batik Team.

Received on Wednesday, 19 June 2002 07:39:43 UTC