Merging SVG and XML with XSL Transformation?


I have a XML file, a XSL file and a SVG file. In the
SVG file I put a number of SVG text elements as same
as in the XML file are included.

A user can pick up this SVG file (like a template)
make some changes to the layout or/and include some
images with an visual SVG editor. The user shouldn't
know at all about SVG, his only work is to create and
save the new SVG file.

The XSL file has a link to above SVG file.

How can I make the SVG text elements available to XSL?
So, that during XSL Transformation the values from my
XML file are included into the SVG. 

Any hints are very welcome?



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Received on Saturday, 15 June 2002 12:50:48 UTC