Accessibility access to SVG

>>>>> "DP" == DPawson  <> writes:

DP> Just loaded up a (two year old) accessibility tool, probably the
DP> most common in the UK, Jaws for Windows.  Having loaded the
DP> accessibility bridge from sun,
DP>, batik menu's show
DP> (read) OK. Nil from the content.  I wonder if they've done
DP> anything with the content to present it to the bridge?

    Nope, fortunately for you this is an Open-Source Project.  I'm
sure that a well done implementation of the javax.accessibility API's
for the JSVGCanvas (the class that presents the content graphically)
would be gladly welcomed.

    I will note that because the DOM viewer is provided in a standard
JTree (which _is_ fully accessible), you should have access to the
full DOM tree through the Accessibility APIs (this is all in theory
since I've never done anything with accessibility myself).

Received on Wednesday, 12 June 2002 09:00:39 UTC