SVG text and script

Hi all,

I have a "Start" text and "Start()" javascript which will be used within several SVG files and start the amination.
The "Start" text and the script are inserted by XSLT into different SVG files which have all different widths, heights, and viewBoxs.
Then, in the result SVG file, the size and the position of the "Start" text is very according to the width, height, and viewBox of the source SVG file.
Is there any way I can put the text "Start" into absolute position no matter it is used within any SVG files?
I want the position of the "Start" text to be at the bottom left always.

One more thing is, I would like to have a text button to start javascript inside of SVG.
I have the following code. 

      <text onclick="start(evt)" x="165" y="305" font-size="30">Start</text>

However, the mouse curser dosen't change to 'finger' to show that the text is clickable.
Of course, I can click the test still, but the mouse curser change into ' I ' same as then it moves on other plain text.
Is there no way to change mouse curser to 'finger' so that the other user can know that objects is clickable?

Received on Saturday, 7 December 2002 22:18:36 UTC