Re: Marker differences - ASV vs Batik

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> On Sunday, December 1, 2002, 3:05:06 AM, Niklas wrote:
> NG> (cross-post: be warned)
> (wondering what is) offers mailing lists as newsgroups. A great thing for those of us
that like news better then mail :-)

> NG> When doing some experiments with markers I found some differences
> NG> between Batik 1.5b4 and ASV3 and I'm unsure to which one is
> NG> correct. Please help me out since I can't really judge based on
> NG> the spec and I need to know where to send the bug report :-)
> I tried it in CSIRO viewer and got a third result... seems to use the
> only outgoing tangent, sometimes ..

Oh. CSV doesn't support markers at all so this is a very heterogenus area.
SVG# is in the proccess of getting support. That was when I discovered the

> NG> In Batik it looks like this:
> NG>
> NG> As you can see, the rotation of some of the markers differs
> NG> between the two implementations. Which one is correct?
> I don't see why the markers in Batik (and CSIRO) flip by 180 degrees
> for that first mid vertex on the lower left.

So ASV is correct? Also for the polygon?

> Hmm it should say the bisector on the shortest arc, clearly there are
> two possible bisectors ....  a possible explanation for the flipped
> first marker ....

Ah, yes! This is the interesting part. So, a implementation should choose
the smallest arc and use that? In that case both ASV and Batik is wrong on
many of the markers in my example. Or do I misunderstand you?


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